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Feature packed Sonobo ONE earphones are on Kickstarter (starting from $99) until 18 September.

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Closing Date 17th September

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Sonobo One earphones - HD Audio

Next Generation Earphones

Currently priced at low Kickstarter launch price $99.00 (RRP $249.00)

Features include: High Defintion Audio for high resolution audio files, Comfort fit, extended 12 hour battery life, Noise Isolating, Aptx HD and LL (Low Latency), HD Voice microphones, Selective Noise Cancelling, plus much more, visit Sonobo ONE on Kickstarter for full Specification.  

Our Story

Sonobo was founded by studio engineers who ‘were there’ when new technology transformed almost everything to do with making music, except earphones. 

New Innovation

Achieving the highest standards in audio reproduction was always going to take first priority (we are sound engineers, after all) but we did not want to be just another ‘me too’ in a crowded marketplace. 

Game changing innovation is a massive part of being Sonobo. 

Imagine being able to turn down or eliminate almost any unwanted sound within earshot, Selective Noise Cancelling allows you to do exactly that. 

But that’s not all. Imagine struggling to hear your friends in a noisy restaurant, place Sonobo SmartCase on your table, any conversation picked up by SmartCase’s HD microphones are enhanced and played in your ears while the microphones on Sonobo earphones are noise cancelled, this is just one of the brand features on Sonobo Earphones.

Discover a new way to noise cancel with Sonobo. 


Contact Sonobo at info@sonobo.co.uk or use the form below.


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