Premium audio is just the beginning.

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Audiophile sound
6 balanced Armature drivers
Bluetooth 5.2 LE Audio
Low Latency LC3 Codec
96kHz 24Bit Digital Audio
New Noise Cancelling Modes
IPX7 waterproof
8 hrs charge

Sonobo Advanced Premium Audio Earphones

Next generation Dynamic custom tuned speaker.

Providing HD sound quality, utilising ultra light weight components for all day comfort, IPX6 rating, up to 8 hours playback, 60 hrs pocket case charge, over 500 hours with SmartCase, Bluetooth 5.2 LE, Advanced HD Microphones for Noise Cancelling and HD Voice calls.

Includes all of Sonobo’s proprietary features such as SafeSonics, GunSonics, Awareness Mode for on the move action and safety when running or cycling.

All day comfort ear tips plus cotton memory foam ear tips that adjust to the shape of your ears for extra noise isolation. Optimal performance in everyday situations such as working from home or in the gym.

Breathtaking audiophile sound quality generated by 6 custom tuned balanced armature drivers per ear.

The ultimate earphones housing the most innovative and highest grade components.

The first TWS hybrid works wirelessly with 5.2 LE Audio, LC3 Codec 96kHz, 24bit Digital Audio or with high grade MMCX (Litz OFC) cable.

Smartcase with 500+ hours of on the go charge which includes a USB power bank and 4 HD microphones for enhanced Noise Cancelling and hearing enhancement features.

IPX7 waterproof rating for extreme sports or intense workouts.

Includes all of Sonobo’s proprietary features including the Safe Listening Time Management System (SLTMS).

Designed and built by recording engineers for musicians.

18 balanced armature drivers, custom tuned to deliver the most outstanding listening experience technology will allow.

TWS hybrid – works wirelessly or with high quality MMCX cable, IPX7 waterproof, Bluetooth 5.2 LE Audio, LC3 Codec 96kHz with 24bit Digital Audio. Always on Voice wake commands.

Utilises HD extended range microphones for the highest quality voice calls and houses the most advanced noise cancelling available.

A truly Immersive listening experience.

Includes all of Sonobo’s proprietary game-changing features including SafeSonics Listening Time Management System (SLTMS).


Premium audio is just the beginning.
Never seen before features to enhance your everyday listening experience.

Sonobo Elite: 
Pushing the boundaries of sound reproduction.

Ultra High Definition sound, even at low levels. Tuned by recording engineers to deliver extended headroom and a wider, deeper soundstage.

Awareness V2 generates full perception of one’s surroundings.

More than just transparency, you can adjust the noise threshold or set to automatically adjust to your surroundings allowing you to hear what is necessary such as traffic or noises approaching in the distance.

SpeechBoost Technology

Allowing you to hear voices clearly and enhances your  

hearing capabilities in hard to hear environments.

Selective Noise Cancelling

Selective Noise Cancelling allows you to choose the noise to be  Noise Cancelled allowing you to create a comfortable listening zone. Pick and choose what is heard or cancelled.


GunSonics s the first electronic hearing defence system to catch 100% of gunshot blasts and allows users to ‘double protect’ while retaining enhanced communications.

This versatile hearing protection system can also be used for construction and other noisy industries.


Smartcase is a true utility carry case with 4 powerful HD microphones to extend Sonobo’s amazing new Noise Cancelling modes including Remote Noise Cancelling and SpeechBoost, a brilliant conversation enhancing feature. 
SmartCase offers an extra 500 hours of on the go charge, doubles up as a portable USB power bank with an inbuilt Qi wireless charging mat.

Sonobo SafeSonics

Safe Listening Time Management System

SafeSonics calibrates to your ears to calculate a running total of Safe Listening Time, tailored to your ears sensitivities. Unobtrusive push notifications give you a tangible indication of how hard you are driving your ears. It does not limit how loud you listen to music.

Sonobo One, Pro and Elite Earphones

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